The When, What and Where of Buying a Garage Door

The garage door in your house is more than just a utilitarian piece of equipment to let your car inside. It also comprises a big portion of the façade of the house, so its appearance and your home’s appearance are inextricably linked. And a garage door is essentially a giant piece of machinery, one which can be extremely dangerous if it malfunctions.
If you take pride in your home, a quality, good-looking garage door is imperative. Not only will such a door enhance the appearance of your house and make life easier by working properly, but it will also last for many years.
But what type of garage door should you buy? When should you make that change? And where should you buy such an important item? All great questions, some or all of which you might be at a loss to answer. But don’t worry. Read below to prepare yourself and you’ll do just fine. Read More

Oops! I accidentally backed into my garage door, what can I do?

It happens to everyone; you oversleep and you’re rushing around trying to get yourself and your kids out of the house on time. And then – BANG! you’ve backed into the garage door. Or the first storm of the year hits in late November and the driveway’s more slippery than you were expecting and you slide right into the door. Or maybe you forget to take down the ski/bike rack and that causes the damage – Murphy’s Law, right?
You’re probably feeling mixed emotions – anger, embarrassment, frustration, helplessness… So, what can you do? Read More

Garage doors: Anything but boring!

Garage doors are a big part of every home, and they can still be overlooked or go unnoticed on a day to day basis. Garage doors are driven past, parked in front of, opened and closed constantly. Sometimes, we feel they may be an eyesore, or that they are too boring – but they don’t have to be! With the right direction and subtle design ideas, you can transform your garage door into a beautiful and welcoming part of your home. While nothing fancy or expensive is required for a garage door to look good, there are several tips and design ideas which may inspire a new look for your garage door.
Did you know that the garage door often takes up 30%-40% of the house’s front view? Because of this, even the subtlest changes to the garage door can make a difference. Here is a list of creative ideas that can improve the look of your garage door without breaking your wallet.
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Creating a Great Dog Haven in Your Garage!

Don’t like the idea of leaving your dog in its crate when at work? Frustrated that your dog barks at all of the neighbors from your living room window? Create a space just for your furry friend by building a pet haven right in your garage! Your garage can become a dedicated space that’s safe, comfortable and fun for your dog or cat.
Today, we have put together our favorite tips on creating a safe pet retreat right in your garage. No more chewing on your favorite pair of shoes or destroying the furniture!
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Endless Options! 10 Great Ideas for Your Garage!

Winter House
With a fully insulated garage, you can use your space in so many ways. Many homeowners are currently using their garages as multipurpose rooms. So how can you do this too? With an insulated, weatherproof garage door! A well-insulated door keeps noise, cold, heat and humidity out of your home. Other than for parking, how else can you use your space? Here are 10 great ideas for your garage.

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Garage to Playroom: Why Not?


Ideally, your garage serves as shelter for your vehicles, a home for well-organized yard equipment and household tools, and an easy way to get into your house without muddying up the front entryway. Reality is often very different – we tend to simply pile things inside the garage, stuff for which we can’t find any other place within the house. Unless you’re dead set on clearing the space to actually store your car, you can put your garage to even better use by creating a fun, whimsical and safe playroom for your kids.
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How-To Guide: Lubrication and Your Garage Door

By lubricating the right mechanisms on your garage door, you can extend its lifespan!

Is your garage door making unpleasant noises? Does it creak, squeak, squeal, click or groan? If you’re tired of hearing that ruckus, we have a solution! Lubricating your garage door system can make it run smoothly and quietly. In addition, this easy task can help prevent further damage to your door… which would cost you time and money.
A quick do-it-yourself maintenance of your garage door system can prevent many problems from happening.
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Is Your Garage Door Making Noise?

Is the noise of your garage door making you crazy? If you can hear the sound of your garage door opening and closing, you know just what a pain it can be. If you just put the kids down for nap, and someone decides to come home and open the garage door, the grinding may very well wake up the child. The same is true if you are trying to get to sleep at night in a family member comes home. Nobody likes a noisy garage door.
Fortunately, there are some things you can do about it.
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