Architects & contractors

Just like with residences, the right garage door can make a significant difference to the look and feel of a building. A quality door enhance both the appearance and efficiency of commercial buildings, industrial applications or customized special projects.

Teamed with Garaga, we have the experience you can depend on to guide you to the exact door to complete your project. We can help analyze your needs and requirements anywhere from number of operational cycles and insulation demands to natural lighting and maximum headroom, just to name a few. Do you need shop drawings or technical specs? Which model of operator is recommended? What type of hardware is normally used for this type of door? What is the price estimate for this system? Will a maintenance program be needed? By dealing with the industry leader, you can be sure no questions will be left unanswered.

Let us and Garaga’s engineers become part of your team, so that you get the door that will meet your every needs and nothing less than top‑quality service. Moreover, we invite you to call the Garaga Hotline, where any questions you may have can be answered directly.

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