March 24, 2017

9 crucial reasons you need to replace your garage door system

Think that replacing your garage door is only about aesthetics? Actually, while it can have a dramatic impact on your home’s curb appeal, there are many other reasons that you might want to make a change. Here are nine of the most important.

Vantage Shaker-Flat Short, 9' x 8', White, windows with Stockton Inserts

1. Boost home value

One reason to consider replacing your aging garage door system is that it can boost your home’s value by a significant amount, particularly if you opt for a maintenance-free system.

2. Improve the look

As mentioned, adding a stylish new garage door to your home can help you improve its aesthetics. You’ll find a host of different styles and designs available, including different colors, materials and more. You can even choose different window styles to get just the right look.

3. Reduce your utility bills

Really, who doesn’t struggle with high utility costs during the summer and winter? The good news is that new garage door systems can help you cut down on those bills. You’ll gain a great deal of savings with the right garage door, which can be airtight and insulated, and will keep cold air in during the summer and out during the winter.

4. Cut down on required maintenance

How much time (and money) have you spent trying to maintain that old garage door? New metal garage doors can be pre‑finished with your color of choice and offer exceptionally low maintenance.

5. Better protection for your possessions

If you’re like most of us, you store a lot of things in the garage, and chances are good that you’ve noticed they’re beginning to discolor or fade due to extreme heat and cold. You can change that with a new garage door – insulated thermal barriers ensure better temperature control.

6. Get more use from your garage

We would all love to use our garage more, but the temperature fluctuations make that difficult. An insulated garage door lets you transform that area into anything from a playroom to a work room.

7. Protect your stuff

How secure is that old garage door of yours? Chances are good it’s not – it can be very easy to kick in an aging wood door, or even drill through one. With a metal‑skinned door that features a thickness of at least 1.75 inches, your belongings will be much safer.

8. Secure entry

Rolling code technology has been used with garage door openers since 1993, and the ever‑changing code makes it harder for unauthorized people to gain access. Today, you can even use a smartphone app to open your garage door for even more security.

9. Safety

Garage doors can be very dangerous. A photoelectric reversal system can help prevent accidents. These have actually been mandatory since 1993.

In the end

When everything is said and done, the purchase of a new garage door system is really an investment in peace of mind. It can boost curb appeal, offer better protection for your belongings, secure your home and help ensure energy savings.

Get in touch with us at 1-888-879-9470. We can have one of our expert garage door technicians at your home in just hours. You can also get a free quote online from us. Of course, if you intend to change your garage door, we invite you to use our Design Centre to preview the options available.

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