Why we recommend Garaga

A family‑owned company, founded in 1983, Garaga, is a top manufacturer of overhead doors and garage doors in Canada. From reliability and security to durability and style, their products are designed and produced to perform. Whether you’re looking for doors for residential, industrial, commercial, or agricultural uses, Garaga has you covered.

Why do we recommend Garaga to our customers at Sofalvi Door Systems? Check out just a few of the many reasons people love Garaga doors:

Superior customer service

Garaga offers customers the very best possible service for the most positive customer experience. As customer service experts, at Sofalvi Door Systems, we recognize superior service when we see it. With over 30 years in the industry, Garaga provides customers with superior skills and knowledge that can’t be beat.

High quality products

Based in Quebec, the owners and staff at Garaga have a lot of experience with hot summers and cold winters, and they know how important climate control is for your garage during harsh winters. Their doors are durable, reliable, and can stand the test of time, too.

Garaga garage doors accomplish all this with their thermal break, which keep cold air from seeping into your garage. Purchasing one of these doors can significantly reduce your home’s energy costs throughout winter and summer.

And did we mention that Garaga’s garage doors are also very attractive, as well? Representing up to 40% of your home’s front‑facing surface, your garage doors are essential to curb appeal and market value. Garaga doors come in a variety of beautiful designs, with something for everyone’s tastes and needs.

With many garage door models available, as well as other practical and attractive accessories, Garaga has what you need to improve your home this year. Because they produce only the highest quality garage doors and accessories, Garaga happily stands behind its doors and offers lifetime warranties on most garage door models.

Garaga employs garage door experts

When you choose Garaga, you know you’re going to get the highest quality professional service. Garaga’s employees are consummate professionals and experts in their field. We maintain the strictest criteria possible for reputation, experience, and knowledge, and Garaga’s employees always meet and exceed our expectations.

Whether you need a door for commercial, residential, or industrial use, you’ll always be able to count on them for a well‑built, securely‑installed door. As Garaga Experts, we are extremely familiar with their full product line and have the tools and resources to help you through the purchasing process from start to finish. Most people only buy a garage door once in their lives, so we want to help you choose the very best in the industry. Here at Sofalvi Door Systems, we recommend Garaga for all your garage door needs.

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